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Assembly Table

DT-536 & DT-548

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Dotul Assembly Tables DT 536 & DT-548

The Dotul Assembly Table is used to pre-hang doors. It is built with heavy gauge steel and has sturdy indexing bars for accurate width control adjustment. The Dotul Assembly Table allows the operator to accurately assemble door units with ease. The operator simply puts the door on the assembly table, clamping the hinge jamb in place and then adjusting the movable side to the correct door width while inserting the strike jamb. A quick tap on the clamp button and the jambs are locked into place.

The DT-536 for 36″ wide doors and the DT-548 for 48″ wide doors.

Features Include:

  • 1″ preset adjustments for quick door width changes.
  • Micro door adjustment for special door widths.
  • Quick width adjustment lock.
  • Tool and part trays that are centered on both sides of the assembly table for easy access.
  • Foot pedal clamping allows the operator to use both hands.
  • Quick release button for changing door width sizes.
  • Full length pneumatic jamb clamps help straighten jambs which give a more consistent reveal.
  • Clear accessibility for stapling or nailing header to jamb legs.
  • Small footprint is convenient for large or small door shops.




Door Width

12″ to 36″ Option for 48″

Door Height

80” to 96”

Jamb Type

Flat, split, rabbeted

Jamb Thickness

Up to 1½”

Assembly Table Dimensions

W 62″ x L 88″ x H 34″

Assembly Table Weight 

1200 lbs

Air Supply Required

90 psi