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CNC Door Master


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Dotul CNC Door Master DT-650

Dotul CNC Door Master DT-650 is designed to machine for commercial door hardware including:

  • 4-Edges – Top Face (Bottom face can be machined by flipping the door)
  • Automatic Feed Through (Options with Auto Loading and Out-Feeding)
  • Hinge Mortising, Predrilling, 3-Point Hardware, Mortise Lock, Fire Sweeps etc.
  • Lock Bore Drilling
  • Latch Face Milling, Latch Bore Drilling


  • DSP CNC controller is setup to accept standard G-code programming formats along with on board conversational applications.
  • Optional CAD/CAM system can create and edit part programs and send them to the machine for easy cutting. DXF files can be imported, modified, and edited from here to create a G-code.
  • Horizontal and vertical spindle for top and side stock processing
  • Machine designed ready for 3-D cutting.
  • Moving gantry construction for space saving.
  • The rigid steel frame construction has been stressed relieved prior to finish machining to provide repeatability and accuracy.
  • Automatic frequency brake for the spindle allows rapid deceleration resulting in faster tool changes.
  • Linear guides and sliding blocks are prismatic pre-loaded with recirculation bearings to ensure maximum rapid traverse and precision.


Please see brochure for additional product information and specifications.