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Flow Thru Stop Stitcher


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Flow Thru Stop Stitcher DT-520

The Flow Thru Stop Stitcher DT-520 is a high-speed door jamb stop stitcher. It will apply a butt joint stop or mitered stop to a flat jamb. The flat jamb is inserted into the machine first and then the doorstop is inserted on top of the flat jamb. Both the flat jamb and door stop utilize a stop system for accurate placement of the door stop on the flat jamb. The process is repeated for each side. The DT-520 can run two flat jamb/stop assemblies at one time, or you set one side up, push the start and setup the other side using an alternating pattern for continuous flow thru. Alternate feeding of the jambs will increase through put.

Senco guns and remote firing devices are supplied.

  • Extended Magazines
  • Outfeed Collection System