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Horizontal Door Stile & Rail Boring Machine


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Dotul Horizontal Stile & Rail Boring Machine MT-104

The MT-104 Horizontal Door Stile & Rail Boring Machine is designed to drill dowel holes in any door stile up to 10 ft. in length all at the same time. The heads can then be turned inward to drill the dowel holes in the rails.

Stiles that are longer than 10 ft. may be drilled in sequential steps.

The boring heads can be adjusted from left to right with a simple hand wheel turn that will accurately locate the drill heads at the desired spacing. Standard dowel drill bit diameters can be used with a 7/16”- 14” threaded shank.

Changing the spacers on each table top will adjust for the thickness on a 2 ¼”, 1 ¾” and 1 3/8” thick door stile or rail. The beds are designed to adjust for any thickness you desire up to 4 ½” to the center of the part.

After completing the drilling on your stiles, you can change the position of any two heads to drill all the holes in the door rails at the same time.

Each of the boring heads is controlled by a central control panel unit that is set on a movable stand for ease of operation. Each table has its own pneumatic hold down clamp that can be controlled individually or all together with the other clamps. The hold down clamps can be easily positioned over the material for the best results.

 Additional heads may be added to this machine at the customer’s request.




Overall Length


Overall Width


Height from Floor to Table Top


Table Size

14” wide x 8” deep

Standard Machine Bits

4 -5 Spindle Heads L/H & R/H Drill Bits


4 – 220/440 volt 3 HP – 3 phase

Drill Stroke


Motor Mount Swing

360 degrees

Different Drill Heads Available

Yes (request information)

Drill Speed

3450 RPM


1600 lbs


1850 lbs