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Stile Press – Fixed – 8′


Shown with optional clamp rack system.

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Dotul 8′ Stile Presses AT-9600 AT 9602_updated 12

The Dotul 8’ fixed and adjustable platen stile presses are constructed from the ground up with a heavy duty “I” beam construction and tube stock, welded securely for continuous and long duty. Thirty thousand (30,000) lbs. of air pressure are applied to the platen by two (2) 3” diameter air tubes at 100 psi. Continuous air pressure does not need to be applied after the initial charge. The platen applies pressure to the outsides of the stile blanks ensuring tight glue lines.

Maximum opening on the fixed press, AT-9600, is 37 ½” high with a length from 48” to 97” centered. This allows for 40 pieces of 15/16” thick stock to build 1 7/8” thick door stile blanks or 50 pieces of ¾” stock for 1 ½” thick door stile blanks that are 3” to 11 ¾” wide. Model AT-9602 will adjust to 85% of the opening size). The press must be filled to 1 ½” from the top of the stack to the bottom of the top platen.

Applications include applying veneers to a substrate, or any type of core material including engineered flooring.


  • Front Loading – Two large gates open wide, to let the operator place glued pieces into the press, thus greatly reducing the chances of scraping off adhesive when loading from the end. Once loaded the gates are pneumatically locked into place. Note: Dotul press can allow for end loading, if needed.
  • Side & End Load Stabilizing Arms – Centers stock in the press easily and confidently for more uniform pressure, thus producing a better quality product with much less chance of call backs.
  • Edge Load Pressure – A special feature unique to the Dotul press which puts extra pressure on the sides which produces a superior glue joint.
  • Gear Box/Gear Rack Adjustment – Allows an operator to quickly and easily lower or raise the bottom platen to different heights thus making it more time effective for quick changes and the alignment is always right on versus a modular method. (Adjustable platen models only).
  • Steel Alignment Rods – Slide in and out easily when adjusting the bottom platen, thus eliminating any alignment issues that you would find in a modular unit.
  • Solid Frame Construction – When placed on concrete or asphalt floors, bolts and nuts used in light framed modular construction have a tendency to flex when under high pressure. Solid frame construction using “I” beams maintains the integrity of the press.
  • Setup and Adhesives – Proper material preparation is important, not just pressure. When material is prepared properly you do not need 30,000 lbs. of pressure and if you do, you run the risk of squeezing the adhesive out of the parts, starving the joint of glue.
  • Top & Bottom Platens – It is important that the press be very ridged, platens machined ground and the bottom platen is one piece, especially if long pieces are being glued. This type of design produces a consistent product and glue line.
  • Safety – The air pods are protected within the “I” beam construction, acting as guards to prevent injury and limiting their exposure to outside hazards that could damage them.
  • Unloading -The platens are assisted by three air cylinders that retract the platens, making unloading efficient and easy for the operator.
  • Overall Appearance – Heavy duty construction, will last for decades.

*** To optimize production, consider purchasing the Dotul Glue Spreader AT-200 as a companion machine, to efficiently and effectively apply glue. ***




Overall Length


Overall Width





1800 lbs

1 Platen Air Pressure Required

100 PSI