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Strike Jamb Router – Basic


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Dotul Strike Jamb Routers DT-503 DT-501

The Dotul Strike Jamb Router model DT-503 is specifically used to machine interior jambs. This machine is typically used with the Maverick or Nomad door machines, but can also be used with other door machines. 

Features Include:

  • 1 ¾ HP Dewalt 616 Router, motor w/tools – more HP for hardwoods and durability.
  • Full lip strike template – includes one with the machine.
  • Easy change template holder – makes template changes fast.
  • ½” threaded mandrel with ½” carbide tip router bit – easy to change the router bits, no special adjustment needed.
  • Left hand & right hand stops – quickly machines left or right-handed interior jambs.


  • Complete dust collection system.
  • Additional phenolic or steel templates.
  • Overhead material arms.
  • Capability to machine for “T” astragals.
  • Other options are available, consult with your distributor (see distributor map).