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Strike Jamb Router


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Dotul Strike Jamb Routers DT-503 DT-501

The Dotul Strike Jamb Router model DT-501 is specifically used to machine an interior or exterior jamb. It can machine a flat, rabbeted or split jamb. This machine is typically used with the Maverick or Nomad door machines, but can also be used with other door machines. 

Features Include:

  • Dust Collection Kit (less vacuum unit) – standard features on every DT-501 strike jamb router. Can be hooked up to a central dust collection system or free standing vacuum.
  • Interchangeable strike templates – seven of the most common strike templates are included with the DT-501 Strike Router.
  • Overhead material arms – keep specials or a bundle of your common strike jambs in easy reaching distance. Standard on each machine.
  • Template tray – easy accessibility to a variety of templates.
  • Deadbolt stops – change from standard stops to deadbolt stops in seconds. Standard on each machine.
  • 1 ¾ HP Dewalt 616 Router, motor w/tools – more HP for hardwoods and durability.
  • Full lip strike template – phenolic or still templates can be used for longer life.
  • Easy change template holder – makes template changes fast.
  • ½” threaded mandrel with ½” carbide tip router bit – easy to change the router bits, no special adjustment needed.
  • Left hand & right hand stops – quickly machines left or right-handed interior or exterior jambs.


  • Vacuum to add to the dust collection.
  • Additional phenolic or steel templates.
  • Capability to machine for “T” astragals.
  • Other options are available, consult with your distributor (see distributor map).