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Viking X-Y Door Lite Machine


Features Include:

  • Lite cutting, lock boring, latch boring and faceplate routing.
  • Will machine a 8-0 x 4-0 door; Wood, Fiberglass or Steel.
  • Adjust the Viking to the width of the incoming door, by pushing a couple of buttons.  Automatically width indexes or can be pre-programmed for standard widths saving the operator time and helping to eliminate mistakes.
  • XY controls eliminates the need for templates when cutting square or rectangle door lites. Quick change stop system, no need for extra bars.
  • For round or oval lites, use a template that sites above the door; no scratches or dents from the template being placed directly on the door.
  • Adjustable RPM speed control accommodates both wood/fiberglass and metal cutting; giving a better cut and improving the life of the door lite bit.
  • Oscillating quill; improves the life of the door lite bit and quality of the cut.
  • Through-feeding which allows for less handing and less chance for damage to the door.


  • Waste bin.
  • Dust collection systems.
  • Spare parts and extra bit packages.





Door Width



Door Height

Up to


Door Thickness

1 3/8”

2 ¼”

Lock Bore Size

1 ½”

2 1/8”

Lock Backset

2 3/8”

2 ¾”

Faceplate Width

Up to

1 1/8”

Faceplate Length

Up to

2 ¾”

Approx. Shipping Weight

3500 lbs.


230V 60Hz – 18amp

460V 60 Hz – 9 amp

Other voltages are available


5 CFM @ 90 PSI

Floor Space Measurements

141” L x 89” W x 63” H